Since you asked, or maybe you didn’t…

I’ve always written these things to make me sound so exotic. I’m actually really not. At all. I can be funny with the right people. Some people just make me a funny person. Some people make me so unbearably serious. I’d rather laugh. I am also fairly psychotic. I try not to be. I’m a mom…to an eleven-year-old. I can’t tell anymore if I’m a bad mother or just the mother of an eleven-year-old. I don’t really have a yardstick to judge that one by. Eh…we’re a work in progress.

I used to be an art director. Now I work at home and have my hands in all facets of publishing. I still design covers but I also do fact-checking for magazine articles (and occasionally get to ghost-write one or two), I do some composition, some copy editing, and proofreading. A lot of proofreading. Obviously, I love books. I love reading and I enjoy writing, whether it’s good or not.

This blog has followed me through some wild and woolly times. I was married and then not. Found myself in a horrifying four-month mistake that I couldn’t rectify fast enough and will probably regret for the rest of my life. Spent two years in a relationship that I thought would last forever and didn’t. Recovered from that to learn that I could indeed stand on my own two feet and be a fairly decent if somewhat wobbly parent to my child as well and then…well, then I found an old friend. Lover. A reunion after 27 years led to dating long distance for six months (yes, that’s a lot of air miles), which led to a 900 mile move back to my homeland in the Bible Belt (ah, the fodder for the nib that has provided is limitless), and in October of 2011, we committed a glorious act of civil disobedience and tied the knot. It was a truly fabulous wedding and, well, I’ll just write all about it and hopefully you’ll read it. So life is settling in and the mundane is feeling pretty damn good these days.

What else is there? Yes, I like movies and music and books and some television. I’d like to say I watch BBC and CNN and listen to NPR all the time, but the truth is, I never miss Survivor, I used to catch my news via Matt and Katie and Al (but Katie left), and I listen to whatever station my son has tuned my car radio to because I’m too lazy to find something I like better.

Also…I heard this one the other day: “I asked for the time not how to make a watch.” Well…I’m the one you asked the time of. I can’t help it that I like words. Welcome to my world.


3 thoughts on “Since you asked, or maybe you didn’t…”

  1. Why did you delete Scintellectual?

  2. Lady Di said:

    That blog served a certain artistic purpose in my life for a certain time. However, my life has changed drastically and I no longer feel that it represents me either morally or ethically. While I am not ashamed at all of what I have put out there in my creative expression, I do want to write about what is truly meaningful to me and what I can be honestly proud of at the end of the day. I am glad that people enjoyed what I wrote and appreciated the effort that went into it. Without that experience, I’d have never made some of the real-life friends that I have today that I cherish very deeply. I thank you for asking and while I imagine that the topics here aren’t nearly as “scintillating” as those on my “other” blog, I do hope you’ll stick around to read about those things in my real life that help me to look myself in the mirror every day without regret.

  3. Thanks, Di, for your response. That makes sense. I was a fan of Scintellectual, but I also like this blog. I appreciate your courage, in boldly living your life and sharing it with cyber-strangers.

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