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Dear E and H,

I took a week’s hiatus from my 30-day letter writing challenge, so technically this is simply the 9th of 30 letters to be written. This is meant for the person (in your case, couple) I’d most like to meet.

I thought about writing some blanket letter to all of the GLBTQ teens out there who are struggling with thoughts of suicide, but I have a feeling I may be addressing that topic in a much more personal letter down the road a bit. In the meantime, I felt very strongly about writing to the two of you. We have known of each other on the periphery of a very strong blogging community for a few years now. H, I’ve been reading you fairly religiously for quite awhile, although I never post many comments (I’m so terribly bad about that, even though I gripe when I don’t get comments on my own work and yours is consistently well-executed, well thought out, and ripe with inspiration). E, I am so glad to have begun to get to know you and I wish you had time to write more. Your posts are so heartfelt and personal and they often strike a chord within me.

Since Li began writing, it was clear that she and H share an incredible kinship. While she’s so much better than I at returning your e-mails, you must know that we share the same sentiments about the two of you. I would imagine that the moment we get the chance to spend some time together in real life, that H and Li will simply confirm what we all know—two peas in a pod. And, as for you and I, dear E, I would bet we are very, very much alike and frankly, I’m so looking forward to shopping with you on the quaint streets of your seaside town and sharing our similar histories.

I admire you both so much. Because I know you value your anonymity, I am not going to publicly discuss details of your lives that may be too personal should any of our colleagues read this. What I do want to say is that (and I know I betray no confidence as you have both written about this) you have borne a tremendous loss this year and done so with grace and dignity and love and such a wonderful sharing of mutual support for each other. I think what I love the most about you as a couple is that you weather the storms together and they draw you closer. The stressors in your relationship only serve to strengthen your bonds and you grow together rather than apart.

There are practical matters that separate us. Not the least of which is a lack of funds for all of us these days as we both work toward saving for our respective weddings (and I hope we can find some way to be there for each other when the big days finally arrive—make sure you put October 1, 2011 on your calendars!). The other, of course, is a very large body of water. If it weren’t for all of our daily responsibilities, you know that Li and I wouldn’t hesitate to hop the pond and be there in a heartbeat to spend time with you both. We so cherish the day that we can all be together, finally, and really get to know one another.

Until then, I want you to know that I (we) love you both. We feel very drawn to you and your travails are our travails, your joys are our joys. I wish we had more time to keep in touch on a more personal level and I’m going to try to be better about email and including you in our day-to-day life…as we hope to hear more about yours.

You are an inspiration to us. We feel a connection to you as a couple and wish you easier times and all of the happiness you deserve. Above all, you two are the ones I want to meet the most. So…dear friends…this one’s to you.


Di (and Li)