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Dear Maria,

It seems odd that you should be the subject of this, my eighth letter in the 30-day letter writing challenge. The assignment  is to write to my favorite Internet friend. Silly, isn’t it? After so many years of friendship, we’ve never actually met face-t0-face. Yet, somehow, I feel incredibly close to you and I can’t imagine you not being a part of my life.

Maria, I haven’t a bad word to say about you. I don’t know who possibly could. You are the kindest, warmest, most genuine, and most generous woman I know. You put yourself out there for other women every single day (and I don’t mean that the way it sounds!). You sincerely care about the strength of friendship and the crucial bonds that women form in order to heal themselves and help each other heal as well.

I don’t remember how we discovered each other. I know it was through MySpace but it seems that we went from


strangers to confidantes in mere seconds. You have been a rock for me through the years. When I was at my lowest points, you were always there to listen and you celebrate the high times as well. But that is what sets you apart, my dear—you listen. You really take the time to be in the moment with someone and give advice when asked—good, solid, honest advice. I’ll admit that I’ve bristled under it  at times, but I defer to the (slightly) older woman in you and know that you have the wisdom and experience to back yourself up. To this day you have never steered me wrong. You see a situation clearly and you call it as you see it. Most refreshing!

It is wonderful to have you as a cheerleader. You lift me up and make me feel amazing. This is what friends do for each other and you’ve never let me down. The crazy thing is…I haven’t even seen a picture of you! I have a picture of you in my head—this beautiful, voluptuous creature, with kind features, warm eyes, and long, thick locks. She favors pink and she celebrates her absolute high femme-ness. I know the day that we meet in person isn’t far off. Arizona isn’t the other side of the world, you know. I also know that when we meet, I shall not be disappointed, but rather pleasantly surprised. Truth be told, sweet friend, you could be a troll and it wouldn’t matter one whit. Your soul transcends the boundaries of terra firma. You really are an angel.

It has been a pleasure to work with you on your many projects and I look forward to our continued professional relationship. Beyond that, though, I hope we never, ever lose sight of our friendship. You are a gift to me and I am a lucky, lucky woman to be able to know you as well as I do.

Here’s to many years of friendship, my dear, both on the Internet…and off.

Love and hugs,

The femme princess of the now Southeast.